Trade Field Agencies


Products Offered

  • Khojati Delux Surma Bring back the Sparkle in your Eyes with Khojati Delux Surma, Jet-Black microfind powder made with pure Almond Oil.
  • Amla Shikakai Shampoo It stimulates the scalp, strengthens the hair, roots and prevents thinning of hair, leaving it with full spectrum of natural oil.
  • Flying Tiger Cub Balm Tiger Cub balm used for headaches, backaches and other Joint Pains.
  • Livosin Syrup Ayurvedic Liver Tonic for better health & well being.
  • Jakhmeruz Ointment Useful for itches, Crack Skin, Cuts, burns, Wounds, Pimples, Mosquito Bite, and other skin Diseases.
  • Wintogeno Ointment Wintogeno is the most poweful pain reliever that gives direct relief to the area of pain in any part of the body from head to toe